Historical Terrazzo
Glendale Galleria
100 West Broadway
Glendale, CA  91210
Hoover Dam (terrazzo installed in 1936-37)

You can see the power plant and terrazzo work during a tour of the dam. Following an elevator descent of 530 feet, you emerge into seemingly endless galleries. There you find gleaming terrazzo floors.

Two Italian immigrant brothers, Joseph and John Martina, installed the terrazzo floors in 1936-37 with the help of 30 countrymen. John served as contractor for the job and worked with Reclamation officials. Joe, barely able to speak English when they bid on the job, was in charge of laying the floors.  Source: http://www.usbr.gov

Glendale Galleria opened its doors for business in 1976 as a redevelopment project with the City of Glendale. The center has consistently grown to meet the needs of its shoppers and the community.

Glendale Galleria (terrazzo installed in 1975)

Terrazzo floors have an outstanding record of durability and performance dating back over a thousand years! Floors will typically last the life of the structure. In many older buildings, the floors can be restored to their original luster at a fraction of the cost to replace the finish. Green Terrazzo and LEED.

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