Design Considerations, Specifications & Details


Design Considerations provides detailed information that includes: Definition of Terrazzo, Matrix Colors, Terrazzo Aggregates, Divider Strip Usage in Terrazzo, Interior/Exterior Terrazzo, Allowance for Terrazzo Finish, Terrazzo Type Advantages/Limitations.


 Epoxy Resin Terrazzo  Bonded Rustic Terrazzo
Sand Cushion Terrazzo  Terrazzo Finish Restoration
Bonded Terrazzo  
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       ●  Epoxy Resin Terrazzo

1 Contraction Joints (Also called saw cuts/control joints)
2 Optional Joint Detail for Contraction Joints
3 Option in Art Work (Movement from substrate may show through)
4 Isolation Joint (Typically around columns)
5 Terrazzo Control Jointing Over Full Elastomeric Membrane
6 Random Crack Detail: For cracks over 1/16” width before surface preparation
7 Construction Joint (Next day pour- joint has “eased” shoulders or has opened)

       ●  Additional Terrazzo Details

Bonded Terrazzo Terrazzo Wall
Exterior/Rustic Bonded Terrazzo Stair
Sand Cushion Terrazzo  
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